Excellent Pet Dental Services in Burford

Dogs and cats rely heavily on their teeth and mouths in their everyday lives. Promoting their oral health with regular visits to our veterinary dentist is vital in keeping them healthy and happy. At Burford Veterinary Hospital, we know that finding a pet dentist with the desired experience can be challenging, as you want your pet to be in skilled hands when receiving delicate dental care. Our veterinarian has been advocating for pet health since 1996, and throughout those decades, we've seen many pets in various situations. We have always strived to offer gentle, effective care to each and every one.

We look forward to meeting you and providing the vital dental care your cats and dogs need. From cleanings to extractions, we're here to promote your pet's oral health and deliver treatments that will improve their well-being throughout their lives. Contact our practice today to experience the difference professional dental exams can make in your pet's life.


Our Pet Dental Care Process

When you bring your pet in for their initial appointment, we'll begin with a comprehensive oral health exam. We use the information we gather to create a customized treatment plan for your pet. Our vet will discuss their recommendations for protecting your pet's dental health. We will schedule any future visits for cleanings or treatment depending on the care they require. If we determine that your pet needs advanced care like extractions, we often perform routine bloodwork to ensure they are healthy enough for their future dental visit.

At the time of their cleaning appointment, you will drop your pet off in the morning and can pick them up later on the same day. We use general anesthesia for any dental work, like cleanings and extractions, to ensure their comfort. When we discharge your pet, we'll give you any information regarding how the appointment went and whether further appointments are required. We'll also be available to answer any questions and instruct you about any home care or medications your pet might need.

Benefits of Pet Dental Care

Pet dentistry offers many benefits to both you and your animal. Promoting their oral health can help with minor inconveniences like bad breath, and proper dental care is also important for keeping an eye on any complex issues that might arise over time.

Your pets can be good at hiding their discomfort. That's why seeking out professional care is very important. Even if your pet is not presenting symptoms, routine dental checkups allow our veterinary dentist to provide vital preventive care and track ongoing concerns. Some of the benefits of regular pet dental visits include:

Stopping Bad Breath: One of your pet's most common dental complications is bad breath. If plaque and tartar are allowed to build up on your pet's teeth, it provides a surface for bacteria to multiply, which can be a common cause of persistent bad breath. Our Burford pet dentist recommends regular dental checkups, including oral exams and teeth cleanings, when needed to keep your pet's smile fresher and healthier.

Preventing Tooth Loss: Our team always emphasizes saving teeth when possible. Our routine checkups will help minimize the chance that your pet may need extractions in the future. However, when extractions are needed, we offer skilled treatments. We will always follow up on your pet's care to make sure they're healing well and assist in minimizing discomfort.

Eliminating Dental Pain: Dental health problems can cause your pet considerable pain. It can be difficult to know when pets need dental care because they often don't show noticeable outward signs of distress. The most effective way to make sure that your cat or dog is living without dental pain is to stay on top of maintaining your pet's oral health care with routine visits to our veterinary dentist.

A Welcoming Environment

We know that animals can be very sensitive to certain situations. If your pet is anxious about a trip to the vet, we have the experience to assist in making their visit as comfortable as possible. Our practice employs fear-free techniques to keep them calm. We always greet your furry family members with gentle voices, respect their space, and give them time to relax in unfamiliar situations.

You want a veterinarian that is well-equipped to deal with whatever comes their way. We can leverage our extensive experience in calming animals because we frequently deal with pets who may be feeling anxious or uncomfortable. That's why Burford Veterinary Hospital is a great option for your cat or dog's dental health care needs.

Trusted Burford Pet Dental Care

At Burford Veterinary Hospital, our compassionate care team is committed to helping your animal live a long and healthy life. Our dental care process is thorough and precise and will be a key factor in promoting their overall health. We also work hard to put you at ease if serious oral health issues arise, emphasizing strong communication in all situations.

We look forward to meeting and working with you to promote your pet's well-being. Contact us today to schedule your dental consultation and get your pet's oral health on track!